Q Platform

Q Platform

Quantum Retail Technology, Inc.


Quantum Retail created a dynamic engine called Q. The Q platform adapts to a retailer’s needs; it allows changes based not only on a retailer’s requirements, but how their customers are behaving in the marketplace. Through a deep understanding of merchandise roles and goals, Q helps users determine the most profitable strategies for every product at every location driving unprecedented value for retailers of all types. Q optimizes and automates retail processes related to localized forecasting and order planning, allocation and replenishment, and assortment and range planning.


  • CONSUMER-DRIVEN: Q addresses the rapidly shifting patterns of today’s sophisticated consumer by translating demand insight into increased market share.
  • GLOBAL STRATEGY, LOCAL ACTION: Q provides a competitive advantage by understanding the evolving nuances of retail channels and platforms as well as giving transparency to inventory and profitability at the product and SKU level.
  • HYPER-RESPONSIVE: Q allowing retailers to continuously keep pace with market shifts, competitive pressures, and emerging threats while maintaining alliance of strategic goals.

About the Company

The Future of Retail. 

Quantum Retail answers the new questions facing retailers with a merchandise optimization suite designed for the increasing pace and complexity of the consumer revolution and today's competitive landscape. We solve the most difficult and costly problems retailers face - quickly and permanently. 

Q is the answer for: Assortment and Range Planning - Forecasting and Order Planning - Replenishment and Allocation 

Q can either replace your inventory management system, or bolt-on to optimize your current one. 

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