Advanced Physical Security Technology

Advanced Physical Security Technology

Knightscope, Inc.



Humans are best at decision-making and situational analysis, while our technologies excel at monotonous, computationally heavy and sometimes dangerous work. The combination is a game changer for security operations everywhere.


  • ADM: The K5 Autonomous Data Machine (ADM) is a new groundbreaking innovation in advanced physical security. Force multiplier, data gatherer and smart eyes and ears on the ground helping protect your customers, your property and your employees 24/7. This technology changes everything and is especially needed as the world continues to become more and more volatile.
  • AUTONOMOUS MOTION: Utilizing numerous sensors, lasers and a significant amount of code, the K5 can roam a geo-fenced area autonomously (meaning not remote-controlled) on its own randomly or based on a particular patrolling algorithm. It can successfully navigate around people and objects in a dynamic environment outdoors. It is even able to detect a vehicle backing up or tailing the machine in a parking lot setting.
  • REAL-TIME ON-SITE DATA: The K5 generates over 90 terabytes of data per machine, per year, providing an unprecedented ability to understand an environment at all times. Over time, the K5 will be able to “see, feel, hear and smell” enabling a unique approach to sensor fusion and analytics. Why solely analyze historical data when you can have real-time, on-site data generated by your trusty K5?
  • PHYSICAL PRESENCE: If a marked law enforcement vehicle were placed in front of your facility, criminal behavior would dramatically change. The K5 has the same impact. Weighing in at 300 lbs and standing 5 foot tall and 3 foot wide, the K5 balances a commanding physical presence with an absolutely fascinating technology that provides a positive, “state-of-the-art” image for your operations.
  • AUTONOMOUS CHARGING: You are busy and you have limited resources and limited time. The K5 runs 24/7 on its own including recharging itself when needed. It is even working while it is charging!
  • KSOC: Imagine if you could hold the power of our Autonomous Data Machines (ADM) in the palm of your hand with access to their full suite of capabilities at your fingertips! That is exactly what the Knightscope Security Operations Center (KSOC) enables our customers to do with its groundbreaking technologies. Coupled with ADMs, the KSOC provides security professionals with a significant force-multiplying effect and, at the same time, integrates extremely “smart eyes and ears” to a security deployment in order to cover much more ground efficiently. Be it a crime analyst at a centralized security operations center utilizing our simple browser-based web application (with no clunky downloading of black box software required) or an officer on the beat with an iOS or Android version of the KSOC, all alerts, live feeds and machine controls are only a click or a tap away.
  • REAL-TIME ALERTS: The KSOC uses advanced anomaly detection within a geo-fenced area to feed real-time alerts to users. Worried about a vehicle parked in a certain location for too long? Wondering why a person is wandering around your facility after hours? Concerned about certain environmental conditions changing suddenly? Knightscope has you covered.
  • LIVE STREAMING: Once alerted of an abnormal event, your authorized users can view the live stream of data in the KSOC from the entire sensor payload of each of your ADMs. You can do this from your security operations center, the comfort of your laptop at home, or even on the road utilizing your mobile device. Knightscope has you covered.
  • FORENSICS: Need to investigate what happened in the past and the exact conditions surrounding a particular event? Need a replay of the scene? Want to view multiple seemingly unrelated events on a comprehensive timeline? Knightscope has you covered.

About the Company

Knightscope is developing Autonomous Data Machines (ADMs) - a technology platform that fuses robotics, predictive analytics and collaborative social engagement to predict and prevent crime. 

Knightscope’s ADMs are fully autonomous robots with an array of onboard sensors used to monitor the surrounding environment and provide a physical and commanding presence in public places where security is needed. A single ADM is capable of generating over 90 terabytes of data per year. It communicates via a wireless network directly with the Knightscope Security Operations Center (KSOC), a browser-based user interface, to provide real-time alerts of unusual or suspicious activity. 

Knightscope's first machine, the K5, is available for preorder now on a MaaS (Machine-as-a-Service) basis to select customers in Silicon Valley at $6.25 per hour, per machine in 24/7 deployments for terms of one, two or three years. Deploying K5 machines in outdoor environments on corporate campuses, around data centers, shopping malls and where private security guards are stationed will free humans to address strategic tasks while the machines handle the monotonous, computational heavy and sometimes dangerous tasks. 

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